How do I add my own CSS?

Simple customizing by adding CSS in the adminarea

The most simple customization via CSS can be done by adding CSS rules within the adminarea:

  • Go to Settings > Global parameters - there is a textarea Custom Styling (CSS)
  • The CSS you add here is loaded in the configurator dynamically
  • You can inspect the frontend to find CSS classes you can use for your customizing, they are all prefixed custom-css- *, e.g. custom-css-cta-box

This method can also be used on a per client basis if you have purchased the clients feature.

You can see it in action here:

Note that the green highligt color is just a simple client setting. The beautiful burning shadow is a CSS definition added for the class custom-css-cta-box within the adminarea.

Complex customizing in the Frontend GUI project

If you want to realize more complex theming you can extend or overwrite parts of the React frontend project:

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