Choosing variants and designing in steps

Hey, just two quick questions that came up while planning. I guess it would be possible but I haven’t really worked with cw yet and my react knowledge is… not very good :wink:

Let’s say I have a product with a box to choose (repackaging), a color to choose (for the product) and a design area (on the product). I guess templating it so that this will be 3 individual steps would be possible? Will I need the creator and the designer?
Not looking for solutions or estimate of time, “Yes, if you know what you’re doing” is enough :slight_smile:


Hi Chris,

Short answer: “Yes, if you know what you’re doing” :wink:

Longer Answer:

  • You would create an item with the components “packaging” and “color”
  • To seperate those components into steps you need some customizing in the frontend
  • The designer step in a creator+designer configurator is seperated already - maybe you would customize a little bit to have the three steps look the same in the navigation
  • Yes, creator+designer would be the perfect choice here. If you would use only the designer you would have to make those first two selections outside the configurator